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She may be on to something here…

Kim Kardashian is the woman of the week, celebrating a birthday, an impeccable ass shot selfie, and an engagement, and now she’s being likened to pop culture icon Marilyn Monroe.

If you can remember earlier this fall, fashion icon Carine Roitfeld featured Kim Kardashian in a controversial pregnant photoshoot for her CR Fashion Book cover story. The spread was shot by Karl Lagerfeld, and featured Kim in grills, a Margiela diamond mask, and apparently, with no hair extensions.

Carine caught backlash for the shoot, and the fashion world gawked at how the famed editor could feature a “fame whore” (their words, not ours) on the cover of such an esteemed publication. Well, like a good pal, Carine came to Kim’s defense:

“First of all she’s beautiful–and in fashion, that is a talent you know. She was also a very sweet person, a hard worker. You don’t see her in parties drinking loads of alcohol. She’s controversial, but so was Marilyn Monroe and I always like controversial people. I hope the issue will be a good souvenir for her and her baby.”

And, apparently, when you’re Kim K., brevity takes on new realms:

“She was brave,” said Roitfeld. “She had one guy for hair, one guy for makeup–no extensions or lashes–and for her it must have been like being naked, and she accepted everything.”


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