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Well, we definitely see why Jennifer Lawrence was chosen to be the face of Dior’s Fall/Winter campaign. She is flawless, perfect, and slaying everyone with these just released photos.

The 23-year-old Oscar winner looks effortlessly glam for Dior’s “Toward Color” issue, but interestingly enough, Jennifer wears only black and white throughout the spread.

In the photos, Jennifer is perfectly poised and looks the most elegant we’ve ever seen her. Her hair is perfectly tousled to the back, and although wearing some makeup, it’s kept very minimal; we can see that strong brow in full effect. Rocking male-inspired clothing, JLaw captures the duality of masculinity and femininity perfectly.

Check out some of Jennifer’s fiercest Dior looks below.

Jennifer dominates this photo perfectly – showing off the shoes, bag, coat and her amazing face.

Jennifer makes even the most posh girls want to try this men’s inspired set.

Slay Jennifer, slay.

So, the obvious moral of this photoshoot? Jennifer Lawrence is pretty much perfect. The Dior clothes are good too…

SOURCE: Dior Magazine | PHOTO CREDIT: Dior