Wendy Williams is one opinionated talk show host, and her latest crazy commentary has everything to do with Kim and Kanye getting engaged and hopefully, moving forward, married.

After the superstar couple had their baby girl (who is not allowed to wear “typical baby pink” by the way), Wendy swore they’d never get married and vowed to eat crow right in front of her talk show audience if they ever did.

With the latest engagement development in KimYe’s relationship, Wendy is revisiting that promise and adding a stipulation – the marriage has to last one day longer than Kim and Kris Humphries’ marriage did (72 days to be exact).

Check out what Wendy had to say below:

“So, congratulations. I don’t know anything about a date, but I do know what I said and I’m gonna stick to it! I’ve always said that Kim and Kanye will never get married. And I said, if they do get married, I will eat crow. Right here, on this show. I’m a woman of my word.”

After reminding the audience that an engagement doesn’t count and that she’ll actually eat crow (the bird is a delicacy in Lithuania!) after 73 days instead, Wendy added:

“I guess all around I’m happy. Except about that crow thing. Congratulations!”

Did anyone tell Wendy that “eat crow” is just a figure of speech? Check out the video up above.

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