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Ladies rejoice! According to the latest reports, Anastasia finally has her Christian Grey.

Since Charlie Hunnam dropped out, the producers found another guy to rise to the occasion. It’s Irish actor Jamie Dornan, who will play the lead male role in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie adaptation.

Variety dropped the exclusive news and they have all the details about the changes Universal and Focus are going through to get this film made.

When Hunnam exited, U and Focus execs decided to go for more of a discovery and brought in Dornan and Billy Magnussen to test with Johnson last Friday. Though the studio considered bringing in more actors to test, as of Wednesday morning sources said no one else had been brought in.

Universal will now work quickly to land thesps for the remaining supporting roles that include Steele’s roommate Kate, a role for which U had already been testing actresses prior to Hunnam’s exit.

Mr. Dornan dated Keira Knightley, is a former Calvin Klein model and starred in the hit show Once Upon A Time. Only time will tell how good his chemistry is with the film’s Ana, Dakota Johnson. 

He certainly has the looks, but do you like this pick for Christian Grey? 50 Shades will be out in August 2014.