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Concert tees are normally exclusive to concertgoers who have first dibs on merch when it comes to the gift shop, but when you are Kanye Westsometimes you just don’t have to play by the rules.

According to new reports, Kanye’s Yeezus Tour T-Shirts will be available for purchase at PacSun in stores and online, ripping the exclusivity out of the concept of tour merch.

The collaboration between PacSun, Kanye Kardashian and the rest of the soon-to-be-joined-by-matrimony family is a long one, as Kylie and Kendall have also worked with the brand to produce their own respective lines (with advice from Kanye) and earlier this year, PacSun also stocked clothing from Been Trill, a line manned by Kanye’s creative pals Virgil Abloh, Matthew Williams, and Heron Preston.

While some may be upset about the collaboration, it seems as if only a few designs will be made available for sale at the PacSun stores, while others will remain exclusive to concertgoers. At the current time, there are only 6 t-shirts available: 3 for men and 3 for women on the website.

If you are interested in snagging a piece from the line without getting a ticket, head over to PacSun to see what they are working with. 

Bonus: Kim K, Kanye and Kompany all dressed to please Kanye’s palette while in Vegas today. lolz.

SOURCE: Complex  | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, PacSun 

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