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Hip Hop music mogul, James (Jimmy Rosemond) Henchman who has been long suspected of being involved in the murder of rapper Tupac Shakur, was just sentenced Friday to life in prison plus five years for overseeing a massive drug trafficking empire that supplied Brooklyn and Queens with cocaine.

Federal Judge John Gleeson said:

“You’re the kingpin. Not all kingpins necessarily deserve a life sentence but you certainly do.”


He continued:

“You’re a very intelligent and capable person and you chose this life,”

But this is not the end of court for Henchman. The NY Daily News reports:

Rosemond, 48, who declined to speak, faces trial next month on murder-for-hire charges in Manhattan Federal Court for ordering the killing of an associate of rapper 50 Cent suspected of slapping Rosemond’s son. Rosemond has denied he ordered the hit on Shakur in a Manhattan recording studio.

Damn homie!

SOURCE: NY Daily News