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It looks like things aren’t as bad as we thought between Keyshia Cole and her husband Daniel Gibson.

The two have been fighting some public marital issues in the past few weeks ever since they’ve sent out some subliminal tweets and Instagram posts to each other, but now Keyshia is addressing it once and for all.

The Woman To Woman singer sat down with TrueExclusives to talk about some new music that’s on the way for her fans, but also addressed her relationship.

Even though it’s not too direct as to where their future stands, it looks like divorce isn’t on the horizon just yet as Keyshia says:

“We have a kid, We’re married, so….” 

On the music front, Keyshia is currently working on a mixtape and an album at the same time, which should definitely last her fans a good while.

We hope to see Keyshia and Daniel make it through!

SOURCE: TrueExclusives

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