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Somebody is a happy man this Monday morning.

Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s former doctor, has been released from jail today after serving two years behind bars for his hand in Jackson’s death.

If you recall, Murray was sentenced to four years for the involuntary manslaughter of the King of Pop after his negligence led to Jackson overdosing on the surgical anesthetic propofol.

Those four years translated to two because of California prison rules that give an additional day credit for each day served.

According to CNN:

Monday will be the first time Murray has stepped outside of the Los Angeles County jail since November 2011, except for one visit to a hospital and to court. He served his time in the local jail because of overcrowding in state prisons.

Murray can no longer practice medicine since his licenses were suspended in California, Texas and Nevada in the wake of his conviction. His lawyer indicated he would try to get them reinstated so he can treat patients again.

The Jackson family, however, surely will not be ecstatic about Murray’s release. Fans and family originally wanted Murray to be prosecuted for second-degree murder, not manslaughter, when the case went to trial.

Murray, however, maintains that he had no hand in Jackson’s death and his intentions to wean Jackson from propofol were good.