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This weekend, we were all taken aback by a photograph of a Halloween party where two men dressed up as a dead Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

The outrage was tremendous, especially because the Facebook comments on the original photo seemed to suggest that those around the two offensive men didn’t see anything wrong with the costumes.

But thanks to internet glory, the identities of the men have been revealed.

According to Gawker:

On the left, dressed in blackface and a hoodie, is William Filene, 25, of Cape Coral, Florida. Since misfortune and crime are hilarious, laugh away: he was arrested in June for felony auto theft. His rap sheet also includes “collars for loitering / prowling” and failure to register an automobile. He took a plea deal for the auto theft charge in August and was sentenced to 18 months on probation.

Gawker and the Smoking Gun also identified the woman in the middle, a Martha’s Vineyard native who uses some colorful language:

In Facebook posts last year, Cimeno referred to elderly women who wore tight pants and tube tops as “tacos,” and, when requesting that a friend contact her, she wrote, “Text me niggs.” In August, Cimeno also posted a photo of an African American girl wearing a t-shirt reading “Black Girls Rock.” In her accompanying caption, Cimeno wrote, “First of all, sorry Hun but mommy lied to you & secondly if I was wearing a shirt that said something like the truth ‘white girls rock’ I would be stared at and called a racist cracker.”

And finally:

…On the right (dressed as George Zimmerman lol) is Greg Cimeno, 22, of Cape Coral, Florida. He works for a carpentry firm and enjoys humor in his spare time. When Caitlin posted the original picture to her Facebook page, he responded “anything for a laugh!” Someone else jumped in and deemed the photo “not too funny.” “Not too funny,” Greg replied. “Not too funny. It’s fucking hilarious!!!”

Think they’re regretting putting this picture on social media now?

SOURCE: Gawker, Smoking Gun | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook