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Criminal 101: Attempting to steal an ATM NEVER works out in your favor.

Police responded to an intruder alarm at the West End Mall in Atlanta, Georgia around 6 a.m. on Monday morning to find that multiple assailants attempted to steal an ATM from inside the mall. The intruders shattered both glass doors by driving a red Ford and a minivan into the mall’s entrance.

According to the Atlanta Journal, Sgt. Greg Lyon believes the suspects used the cars to break into the mall in order to confiscate the cash machine – which may have never had any money in it at all.

The vehicles were able to somehow slip past physical barriers — a row of concrete columns — spread out in front of the entrance to the mall.

And the van, Lyon said, was damaged on the way out the north entrance.

“One of the walls inside took the door off the minivan as it tried to leave,” he said.

The would-be bandits didn’t get far with the ATM or their stolen van, with police finding it just one mile away.

“The ATM looked as if it was pried open,” he said. “They succeeded in getting the ATM. We just don’t know if they got any money. It could’ve been all for an empty ATM.”

The suspects are still on the loose. Wonder if they had a Plan B?


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