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The Barbie Twins, Sia and Shane Barbie, first came onto the scene causing fender benders on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood due to the placement of their sexy billboards. They are perhaps best known as record breaking Playboy cover models and their die hard legion of fans also know them as models, pinups, actresses, authors, eating disorder spokespersons and animal rights activists.   As animal rights advocates, on this Halloween, they are using their voices to bring attention to the black cat- long associated with bad luck and used for pranks, party props and much more horrifying, ritualistic sacrifice. The fate of the black cat has become so worrisome that many shelters ban adopting out black cats in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

Dating as far back as medieval times, when the Church referred to felines as friends of the Devil, Satanic cult members have been known to go to local shelters or answer free to good home ads on Craigs list and then ritualistically mutilate, de-bowel, decapitate, skin alive, torture and kill black cats. Other animals associated with the occult who need special protection on Halloween and other satanic calendar days are white cats, dobermans, Rottweillers, and Great Danes. Keep your family safe this Halloween, and if you are the guardian to a black cat take extra precautions to keep him or her safe as well. The Barbie Twins are doing all they can to spread the word so all of you animal lovers should as well. We all know how much love a companion animal offers to their adopted family- the least we can do is to keep all animals safe from harm- its our job.  Remember, if you are lucky enough to share your home with an animal you are lucky enough. Spread the love and luck around. Have a Happy and safe Halloween.

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