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Demi Lovato is hot. We all know this.

But she’s completely throwing up the deuces to her good girl Disney image with a series of photographs to be released in Tyler Shields‘ upcoming photography book, The Dirty Side Of Glamour.

Demi is now 21, but the photoshoot was actually taken when she was just an innocent 19-years-old. The “Heart Attack” singer certainly put her confidence in Tyler Shields, who is known for his controversial and edgy photos.

In The Dirty Side Of Glamour, which is due to hit bookstores November 12th, there are several shots of Demi donning a black wig with heavy bangs, red lips and sultry gaze.

She even crosses some controversial boundaries, holding up scissors near her skin, even though Demi opened up in the past about her own cutting, bulimia and bipolar problems.

Said Tyler Shields of the photo set:

“I want to show a new side of Demi. She’s all grown up now.”

“I think she gets it. She’s had a hard life but there’s always two sides of it all. She loves to create that’s for sure.”

Tyler will be holding a star-studded private viewing of his photos at the Guy Hepner Gallery on November 9th and will continue to run viewings from November 10th to the 22nd featuring more work from his new book.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | PHOTO SOURCE: Tyler Shields