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You can probably count off the top of your head how many college girls you’ve seen dressed up as Lady Gaga in a hot sweaty bar, mouthing along the words to “Telephone” while doing the choreographed moves, PBR in hand. Sounds familiar, right?

But how many of them have been the same exact type of Lady Gaga? Since the era of the red hooded body suit and chain glasses has ended, Gaga’s wardrobe has allotted the masses the ability to dress like her without the fear of facing “same costume horror.”

Lady Gaga is constantly re-inventing her look, and by constantly, we mean every single day. Gone are the days when you have to decide to be a Gaga-a-la-insert-music-video-here-era, because for the last few months, Gaga has been serving up costume inspiration every single day.

Need further proof? From that strange barefoot bridal look, to her latest peacock headpiece, we have rounded up 14 instances of Lady Gaga looking like she was in a costume, but actually just being her normal ol’ self.

Thank you Gaga, from the bottom of our Halloween-loving hearts for making it so easy to dress up for you for Halloween.

Check out the outfits below.

14 Times We Thought Lady Gaga Was In Costume (PHOTOS)
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