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Phil Jackson, who coached Lamar Odom during his days as an L.A. Laker, thinks he may have found Odom’s problem.

Jackson blames Lamar’s highly publicized marriage to Khloe Kardashian for the former baller’s downfall.

“We thought the Kardashian arrangement or marriage was a terrific thing for him because it was a family, it was structure, it was something that would give him support,” Jackson said during an interview with The Seth Davis Show.  “Maybe it wasn’t.”

Lamar is believed to be on a path towards recovery from his alleged drug abuse at the moment, but much of the situation remains unclear. Odom and his estranged wife were seen together for the first time in months earlier this week; the Kardashian klan reportedly invited Lamar to see Kanye West’s concert at the Staples Center as a reward for staying sober.

It is unclear whether or not he and Khloe are planning to reconcile. The two have spent much of the summer separated, though Lamar told Us Weekly, “We’re wonderful. We’re unbreakable. That’s why I wear my wedding ring.”

Rumors have been circulating that Lamar is headed back to the Lakers line-up. However, allegations of drug addiction and infidelity may stand between Odom and his NBA dreams, though Jackson says he and many others are trying to help Lamar out, it hasn’t been easy.

“Everybody that’s been close to him, from my group cannot get through to him,” he said. “No one can get through to Lamar.”

Jackson says he has high hopes that Odom will make a full recovery and believes that there are brighter days in his future.

“We’re very concerned about it but I understand that things are looking up.”

SOURCE: NY Daily News | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash

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