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Miley Cyrus is always the topic of discussion – if it’s not an epic outfit, it’s the lack of clothes, her tongue waggin’, or Miley just being Miley.

Last night, the 20-year-old superstar took a break from Hollywood and decided to do something regular: watch a movie.

Before deciding on Jeepers Creepers, she shared the above photo with the caption:

Sundays consists of sitting by the fire by myself bored AF.

Of course, Miley couldn’t resist showing off that infamous tongue of hers (although she previously promised to stop the tongue antics).


Taking normality a bit further, Miley subliminally threw shade at a hater, just like the rest of us:

We’re not sure who that message was for or if it was a sub or just a general statement, but regardless…way to let the world know.

If you missed her epic Lil’ Kim Halloween costume, click here to see, and check out one more photo from Miley’s chill ass night below:



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