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Want proof that kids are really listening to what you say…all the time?

Then ask them how they really feel about pretty adult subject matter. Like gay marriage.

The guys that brought you the Cheerios Commercial reaction video are at it again and this time, they’ve asked a group of cute kids (aged 5-13) a few questions about equality and sexual orientation. And the responses are pretty interesting.

“It’s a thought provoking episode that will stir controversy but we believe it’s important to have these types of conversations openly, and hope we captured a moment in time that showed what the state of this issue was in our society in 2013,” said the creators of the Disclaimer Series in the video description.

And capture America’s sentiment it did. For the most part the kids are pretty accepting, noting that you can’t help who you love and everyone should be treated equally. And kudos to their families.

Then there’s some confusion in understanding why a boy would want to date a boy, as pointed out by one little girl who states that “this is all new” to her, while trying to reason why two males would go to dinner together (because all they would do is burp at the table, according to her).

Then there are the kids who just think being gay is “bad.” And for no other reason than “because…I don’t know.”

Makes you wonder what they’re hearing from friends, family, church and school.

Either way, the video is worth a watch. Especially the bit from the cute kid named Maxim trying to understand the term gay:

Kids react to gay marriage

Man: It means that they like someone of the same gender.

Maxim: Does that mean they’re a gate?

Man: Not a gate…the word actually comes from the word that means happy.

Maxim: If I were to get a box of microscopes would I be gay?

Man: Well, because you’re happy?

Maxim: Yeah!

Yes Maxim, that’s exactly what it means. Kudos to the next generation of kids who aren’t about to let someone tell them who they can and cannot love.


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