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UPDATE: 11/7/13 9:00 AM EST

According to Detroit News, 10 people in all were wounded in the shooting at a barber shop in Detroit on Tuesday evening. Three of those wounded have died as a result.

Police are investigating the mass shooting. The motive is unclear, however, authorities say it was possibly connected with gambling that occurred at the shop or a debt owed to the shooters.

Witnesses said two men barged through the back door with assault rifles and fired off rounds, spraying a crowd of people, including barbers, patrons and others socializing in the shop.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest in this case.


Eight people were shot outside of a Detroit-area barbershop on Tuesday evening. Three were killed and five others have been injured.

Local 4 has learned there are eight victims, three of which were killed, in a shooting that happened Wednesday evening outside a party store in the 5200 block of Seven Mile Road near Keystone Street on Detroit’s east side.

The condition of the victims is not known at this time. According to a Local 4 source, the shooter fired a few shots into a barbershop in the area, waited for people to come out and then opened fire.

The road is blocked off as Detroit police cars have swarmed the area. Detroit EMS also is at the scene.

Story developing.

SOURCE: Click On Detroit