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Heidi Montag shocked the world in 2010 when news broke that she’d undergone nine plastic surgeries in one day. One of the most noticeable procedures she got left her with F cup breasts.

Montag learned the hard way that beauty is pain as she endured years of back and shoulder pain as well as numbness in her arms. The cause? Extra stress put on her body from her 6 pound enhancements! After years of lugging them around, Montag decided it was finally time to part ways with her humongous implants.

Heidi went under the knife once more, this time to downsize from an over-the-top F cup to a modest C.

Though the former Hills star’s drastic surgeries shocked many, she’s not the first celebrity to go down this path and probably won’t be the last. Kim Fields, Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah and even Pamela Anderson have undergone serious make-unders to bring their out-of-this-world breasts down to a more manageable size.

Check out the gallery below for a full list of celebrities who have undergone breast reduction surgery.