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What other boy band in the 2000s could make you “uh huh?”

It “gots ta be” B2K.

Do you remember how B2K used to make your body go “bump, bump, bump?” Or the way you drooled over Omarion’s perfected abs and Lil Fizz’s silky hair? If you don’t, we’re here to remind you.

It’s #ThrowbackThursday once again, and in the early 2000s, the boy band B2K were a young girl’s FAN-TA-SY.

So in honor of B2K when they were officially “on and poppin’,” we listed 17 reasons why the ladies once loved Omarion, J-Boog, Lil Fizz, and Raz B.

Take a trip down memory lane and remind yourself why you used to love B2K below.

1. Omarion…Omarion…Omarion.

2. J. Boog’s smooth demeanor.

3. Lil Fizz’s adorable baby face.

4. And even Raz B…well…before he lost it. 

5. Their supreme dance moves.

6. Oh, and their sexy body rolls.

7. Lil Fizz’s Hair

Do you not SEE his Hawaiian silk slick back?

8. Can’t forget about Omarion’s hair either.

9. And his muscles…

10. Oh, and the way he promised to make your body go “bump, bump, bump.”

11. Basically, Omarion was the shit.

12. Let’s give credit where credit is due. B2K filmed one of the most classic dance movies in the past 20 years.

13. And everything they did was for Lil Saint….

14. Literally everything…


16. They also made a Santa’s outfit look WAYYY too good.

17. Last, but not least, because they were ALWAYS shirtless.