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There’s something special about witnessing an artist on the come-up.

The eagerness, appreciation, drive and most importantly – the humbleness; all seem to seep through so vividly. Turning all those ambitions into reality is a reward in itself but being genuinely thankful for an opportunity to showcase your talent to the world, that trait is hard to come by. Which brings us to Dusty McFly.

Recently signed to Atlantic Records, the Detroit rapper appropriately chooses the popular restaurant chain, Benihana to celebrate his 25th birthday and the release of his new mixtape – Buffies & Benihanas 2. The title of his mixtape is of great importance to him and the city of Detroit. “Buffies” are popular sunglasses that everyone seems to rock in Detroit and of course the eatery, “Benihana” is Dusty’s favorite place to chow down.

We caught up with Dusty McFly during his celebration where he talked about performing with Meek Mill on his “Dreamchasers” tour, Big Sean’s influence on Detroit, Eminem, and of course Buffies & Benihanas 2.

Check out our exclusive interview with Dusty below.

GlobalGrind: Talk to me about the B&B2 mixtape.

Dusty McFly:  This mixtape is basically a narration of my life. Since the first B&B that I dropped, for the best two years it’s been a narration of my life. Things I went through, it’s just a deep insight of Detroit culture, street life, fashion, just everything we like to do. From the popular restaurants which is Benihanas. I’m just bringing people around the world to Detroit and our street life.

How is your relationship with Detroit?

I was born and bred in the westside of Detroit. All my family is from there, it has a big impact on my life. It has a negative attention in the press and people don’t really get to see the good side of Detroit so I’m just trying show people both sides. Of course it’s harsh realities everywhere in every city that you go to. Everywhere has their sides and their ghetto but there are good parts of Detroit and I want to show people.

You recently performed with Meek Mill in your hometown. How was that?

That was dope. Actually before the tour, it was a Maybach tour that Ross and the whole MMG had did and Meek brought me out on the Maybach set so it was crazy. It was probably 10 thousand or maybe more people. It was in the Silverdome, it was just roars. They connected me with the MMG crowd and Meek has always been real and every time he’s in Detroit he always showed love.

Has he given you any advice?

Definitely, we kick it about different things. He definitely showed me a lot. Even bringing me from the streets and putting me in his tour, he’s always shown me love.

Did Ya’ll Kick It Together After The Show Or…? 

I was just in the studio with him yesterday. I was listening to his whole album. The album is looking dope. Meek is the street side of Philly, he talks about the streets of Philly. I’m the same way, I’m hard core Detroit. People might not be aware about it or know it but that’s why I’m speaking about it.

Besides B&B2 what other projects do you have coming up?

Well, after this I’m currently working on my next project. I don’t have a name for it yet but I’m going to be working on a documentary/mini movie for “Buffies & Benihanas,” that’s what’s coming up next.

It will give people a chance to get to know you more.

Exactly. The Detroit language is not in the mainstream, I have a different kind of lingo people might not understand what I say. So I use this cd as an example, this is my audio movie. When you hear it I want you to picture my movie before you can actually see it. So next it’s going to be the real movie where I actually show you in depth what I’m really talking about.

How would you describe your sound?

I feel like I have an authentic Detroit street boss feeling music. We call it boss music in Detroit. Bosses can ride to my music.

Did you get the chance to listen to Eminem’s new album? 

Not yet, I am a huge fan of Eminem.

What’s the last hip-hop album you listened to? 

The last album I really listened to is Jay Z’s Magna Carta. He’s one of my biggest rap inspirations.

What are your thoughts on Big Sean? Do you think he reps Detroit well? 

Definitely. He’s a different Detroit sound. It’s not just street music in Detroit, it’s not just street dudes in Detroit. You got Sean for instance, Danny brown, a whole different type of genre but it’s still hip hop. We have all different types of music and I think they all represent it well.

Dusty McFly’s Buffies & Benihanas 2 mixtape is currently available. For more info on Dusty, check him out here.

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