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Tis the season. No, we aren’t talking about Christmas, it’s not quite time for all of that hoopla yet, but things are definitely about to get a lot more social in your immediate circle. Whether old friends will be coming home to roost for a couple of weeks to close off the year, or you’re planning an epic friendsgiving, you’ll need to slip into something that’ll command the attention you deserve, like a fun, flirty dress.

For the sake of simplicity, we broke down the dresses we chose into 2 categories: Girly, and Edgy. Sure, we could go on for days with dresses for every day of the year, but the point here is to get you inspired to be your fashionable best.

If you have a love for A-Line dresses with generous fabric at the hem, a cinched waist (leaves room for a little extra on the dinner plate) and varying necklines, then the girly selections will better suit your personality. Playing with textures, accessories, and pairing girly dresses with a grungy leather jacket can transform the look by adding a little edge, but if you’re ready to go all the way to the dark side, we’ve got something for you below.

Does it take a village of friends to cox you into wearing anything into wear something other than black? Then you’re either a NYC native or a girl with a little edge to her, but black doesn’t always have to be funeral-ready. This holiday season, slip into some baroque, embellishments, or maybe even turn things up a little with a little hardware. Faux leather also makes for a sultry dress, but be sure to slip a cardigan over this one if you’re planning on visiting the parental figures.

Black doesn’t always have to mean boring. Bring some color to the look with a bold hue on the lip and stray away from smokey eye clichés when giving into the edgy glam.

See something you like? Shop all of the dresses featured above with one click below. They are all under $150!

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