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The NFL has certainly taken a lot of steps to protect players in the last few years, including banning helmet to helmet hits, horse collar tackles and hits below the knees.

But if you have dreadlocks, you’re on your own.

Arizona Cardinals running back Andre Ellington found that out the hard way when he got a handful of his hair ripped out of his head during a running play against the Jacksonville Jaguars this past Sunday.

Jaguars defensive end Jason Babin made the tackle and came up with a whole bunch of dreads that he held up to the crowd, before throwing them unceremoniously onto the field.

Missing a few locks, Ellington went back into the huddle for the next play. But he’s not worried about missing some hair, he apparently retrieved the dreads and plans on sewing them back on his head.

Glad Ellington is a good sport, because that had to hurt.

Check out the whole ordeal down below.

SOURCE: Bleacher Report | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, SB Nation

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