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This weekend, we learned that all films with a predominantly black cast, like The Best Man Holiday, are “race-themed.”

Well, that was what a USA Today tweet that came under fire and was subsequently deleted suggested. It was attached to an article detailing the success of Universal’s romantic comedy sequel from writer-director Malcolm D. Lee. The Best Man Holiday pulled in $30.5 million this weekend, as it debuted against the Marvel superhero sequel Thor, which took in $38.4 million.

That tweet, which set off a social media storm after many found it to be “racially insensitive,” was replaced by this also-not-so-great headline:

‘Holiday’€™ Nearly Beats ‘Thor’™ as Ethnically Diverse Films Soar

Not surprisingly, that tweet was deleted as well. Eventually, the headline was replaced with “Best Man Holiday’ Nearly Beats Mighty ‘Thor,” which was the obvious option, but not before the Twitter-sphere had a chance to sound off:

‘€œUSA Today calls movies with black people in them race-themed€ Cos black people are a genre. Like superhero movies,”€ tweeted Sindi Nikosi.

“So according to USA Today any movie showing Black people acting like humans is considered a race-themed movie,” said T. Brown via Twitter.

“Why are movies that star people of color ‘€œrace-themed’ but movies starring whites are not USA Today?”€ tweeted April. “Is friendship a race theme?”

“Changing it from ‘race-themed’€™ to ‘€˜diverse’€™ doesn’€™t make it any less stupid,”€ tweeted Michelle Tran.

USA Today has yet to respond, but the kickback from upset readers and their reaction to take down the tweet tells us one thing — they know they were wrong.


SOURCE: The Wrap

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