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Kanye’s bound to many things, but the two most important things he’s bound to are his art and Kim Kardashian’s voluptuous bosom.

Earlier today, Kanye’s “Bound 2” music video featuring his wifey-to-be Kim Kardashian hit the ‘net, and well, the internet exploded, making it the number one trending topic on Twitter. The Nick Knight-directed video was sexually scenic to say the very least, but hey, we enjoyed it.

Over the past decade, Kanye has created so many epic videos. From hilarious visuals like “Touch The Sky” and “The New Workout Plan,” to thought-provoking videos like “Diamonds From Sierra Leone” and “All Falls Down,” Kanye is a master of art and a master of vision.

So in honor of Kanye’s creative genius, we rounded up our 13 personal favorite Kanye West videos and ranked them accordingly. The job was no easy task. Kanye has over 44 music videos to-date, but we rounded it down to his 13 best.

Take a look back at Kanye’s 13 best music videos of all time below.

13. Kanye West- “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

“Can’t Tell Me Nothing” is one of those songs that make you feel invincible. Released in 2007, the Hype Williams-directed video was shot in the desert’s darkness with images of aurora-type lights flashing in the background. Not Ye’s most creative video, but it’s aesthetically breathtaking.

12. Kanye West- “Love Lockdown”

Kanye premiered this music video on Ellen in 2008; it was filmed in an all white room in Kanye’s actual apartment. The Simon Henwood-directed visual was an adaptation of one of Kanye’s favorite films, American Psycho, but with his own twist. Ye also made sure to include Africans dressed in tribal garb to coincide with the tribal drum-riddled beat.

11. Kanye West – “Through The Wire”

“Through The Wire” was one of Kanye’s first music videos, and quite frankly, one of his most “normal.” Inspired by the 2002 car accident that almost took his life, Kanye conceived the concept of the video after watching an Adidas commercial. Pulling a few ideas from the commercial, Kanye decided to add his own idea of snapshot Polaroids to coincide with snapshots of his life. It’s raw, it’s real, and undoubtedly one of Ye’s most unfiltered music videos.

10. Kanye West – “Diamonds From Sierra Leone”

During a crusade to end the killing of innocent Africans in Sierra Leone, Kanye brought light to conflict diamonds in the diamond-mining country, which are also referred to as “blood diamonds.” The black and white Hype Williams-directed music video was shot in Prague and features imagery of young African children mining in dark war-infested countries. The video also features imagery of the lavish luxury available in Europe to serve as a contrast to the grim reality of these luxuries – death. After the release of this video, people thought twice about their diamond purchases, and some celebrities even boycotted the purchase of diamonds all together.

9. Kanye West – “Spaceship”

Remember when Kanye used to rap about working at The Gap? Well, this is the actual visualization. One of Kanye’s most forgotten videos, the visual features Kanye and guest appearances by LAHH:NY reality star Consequence working the grave shift at the chain retail company. Let’s just say Kanye has come a long way.

8. Kanye West – “Monster”

When the first images of this video leaked on the ‘net back in 2010, Kanye played with the idea of shelving it altogether. Luckily, he changed his mind and released the video six months later, in 2011. The chilling music video features images straight out of a horror film, but of course, Kanye used models.

7. Kanye West – “The New Workout Plan”

One, and two, and three, and four! “The New Workout Plan” has to be one of the most hilarious Kanye West videos ever. The satirical video features hilarious testimonials from young women, including the late great Anna Nicole Smith, who played the “country gal.” If you don’t want to hit the gym after watching this video, well, something is probably wrong with you.

6. Kanye West – “Jesus Walks (Version 2)”

As if the first version of Kanye’s “Jesus Walks” wasn’t riveting, the Chicago native released a second version of the video, which features imagery of a chain gang, the Ku Klux Klan, and burning crosses. The video is absolutely stunning, and went on to win an MTV VMA in 2005 for “Best Male Video.”

5. Kanye West – “Touch The Sky”

“Touch The Sky” took music videos to new heights, literally. Wanting to touch the sky, Kanye paid homage to internationally known daredevil, Evel Knievel, and he played a character named Evel Kanyevel. The video is a depiction of Evel’s failed attempt to successfully make the jump at Snake River Canyon in 1974. The video features guest appearances by iconic sex symbols like Pamela Anderson, Nia Long, and Diana Ross’ daughter Tracee Ellis Ross. The video is downright entertaining, but landed Kanye in hot water with the real Evel Knievel. The elderly daredevil attempted to sue him for trademark infringement, but Kanye won the case, citing it’s within the limits of satire. The two eventually met up and Evel dropped the suit, saying Kanye was “quite the gentleman.”

4. Kanye West – “Flashing Lights”

Filmed in the Las Vegas desert at dusk, the dark cinematic video was shot entirely in slow-motion. The video depicts voluptuous vixen, Rita G, who pulls up in a Mustang and exits the car. Walking a few yards away, Rita strips down to her lingerie before lighting her clothes on fire. Walking back towards the car, Rita pops the trunk and pulls out a shovel when a glimpse of a tied and gagged Kanye flashes on the screen. She then takes the shovel and stabs Kanye repeatedly until she grows tired. The words “Flashing Lights” quickly appear on the screen and images of Kanye being stabbed cease.

3. Kanye West – “All Falls Down”

Shot in first person perspective, Kanye West is featured running through the airport with Stacey Dash, who plays the role of his girlfriend. The video displays Kanye’s journey throughout, only providing a quick glimpse of him taking a bathroom break. It was filmed in Ontario International Airport in Ontario, Canada.

2. Kanye West & Jay Z – “Otis”

We had no idea what Kanye and Jay Z were going to create visually for this single, but they created a video that surpassed our expectations. Kicking things off by cutting up a Maybach Benz and reversing its parts, the two longtime friends played around on set and drove around the parking lot at an incredible speed and with hot girls, of course. The video also featured comedian Aziz Ansari. This video ranks at number two because Jay and Ye looked so damn happy to be there.

1. Kanye West – “Runaway” (Full Length Version)

Kanye’s “Runaway” short film is undoubtedly one of his greatest visual masterpieces. “Runaway” was one of the first singles Kanye released after his infamous Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 MTV VMAs. Toasting to himself as a “douche bag,” Kanye turned the criticism and negativity into a short film reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or Prince’s “Purple Rain.” The video begins with Kanye discovering a beautiful phoenix played by model Selita Ebanks. He eventually falls in love with the fallen bird, and depicts the perils of their one-sided relationship throughout a grandiose production. The 34-minute video is so stunning, it can be watched with no sound (seriously).

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