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Last night, we got the surprise of our lives in a series of bombshell revelations. Spoilers ahead…Not only did Fitz summon Olivia to Vermont of all places, but the Prez gave us all a major “aww” moment when he revealed the house that he bought for them to “grow old in.” Even Olivia couldn’t contain herself, leading to the steamy couple christening the place in a passionate love-making session that had all of us sweating and Olivia smiling.

The rare glimpse of Olivia’s pearly whites had Twitter running amuck. It not only warmed our hearts to see Liv showing a softer side, but it also had us really thinking about how rare of an occasion it is.

Why Liv, must you be so cold as ice? We must admit that we love how dedicated Olivia is, but would it hurt her to just relax that eyebrow a little bit?

So here is a countdown of ten times when Ms. Pope let us Gladiators see her in chill mode.

1. Right before she reminds you of who is boss and blurts out “HANDLE IT!”

2. The moment she realizes that she is the baddest b%tch in the room (no basics please). 

3. As she and Cy share a “gone with the wind fabulous” moment. 

4. As she reminds the Commander-in-Chief that she gets ordered around by no one, via his secret service agent, of course. 

5. Then sees him in person and can’t help but to bask in his fineness (#Fitzisfine). 

6. The moment she locks eyes with Fitz and realizes that it is about to go down.

7. When she backs it up, so he knows it’s real.  

8. We all know that smile that every girl has right after they get off the phone with their man. 

9. If only for a brief moment, we get to see Olivia relaxed as she sips on her Merlot with her BFF, Cyrus. 

10. Forget Vegas – what happens in Vermont, stays in Vermont. 

11. As the lighting hits her and reveals that she is absolutely and undeniably perfect.

So please Olivia, do us all a favor and learn how to relax just a bit. Otherwise, we might go crazy and take a play out of your mom’s book.

PHOTO CREDIT:, GIF, Tumblr, Twitter 

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