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Family Guy execs are slamming an online source claiming to be linked to the hit cartoon series. The site, called “Brian’s Announcement,” features a countdown to what it claims will be a “special announcement.”

The site provided super-fans a glimmer of hope for the return of the Griffin family’s beloved pet Brian, who was killed off on this week’s episode. Family Guy execs got wind of the site and have officially announced that it is a hoax.

“The producers have confirmed that the ‘special announcement from Brian’ website is a hoax and was not created by anyone connected to the show, studio or network,” 20th Century Fox Television said.

It looks like Brian is gone for at least 6 episodes. The Griffins have a new dog voiced by The Sopranos alum Tony Sirico, who’s been tapped for six episodes, possibly more.

Our guess is that the mob-inspired dog knows a guy who knows a guy and might every well assist in bringing Brian back.