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Kanye West has been on an insane media tour lately, most recently stopping by The Breakfast Club, where Charlamagne tha God told Yeezy the public doesn’t care about his rich people problems.

This, added with our recap of the Yeezus Tour, and Kanye really has been continuously talking about his first world problems. So in order to have a little bit of fun, we decided to highlight 50 of Kanye West’s first world problems – you know, the ones we wouldn’t mind having ourselves.

It’s hard to be humble when you’re stunting on the Jumbotron.

He lost $13 million trying to start his fashion line.

Bumped his head on a sign trying to eat at a $$$$ restaurant.

His girl has a sex tape that everyone has seen.

He has a deep-rooted hate for the paparazzi, so much so, he hates them more than the Nazis.

He was a little scared to wear his kilt in Chicago.

He’s being marginalized to being arguably the best rapper in the game.

The whole industry wants to sleep with his ex girlfriend.

People want to interview him.

Gold diggers are very attracted to him.

Louis Vuitton’s CEO won’t take a meeting with him.

He designed a sneaker 3 years ago and Nike won’t tell him when they’ll release the Red Octobers.

His dream home with Kim Kardashian is behind schedule for getting built.

He has to live in Kris Jenner’s house. It’s a mansion.

He doesn’t have any bottom teeth, so he replaced them with diamonds.

He made a t-shirt that was so good, it was priced at $150 bucks.

People think he’s crazy.

He sent a chick a picture of his penis and she leaked it.

He hates sports coats with button up shirts, jeans and dress shoes, but wore this.

He needs sunglasses and Advil due to very bad hangovers from partying too hard.

His girlfriend might be more famous than him.

His fiancée still can’t get a star on the walk of fame.

Nicki Minaj out “Renegaded” him on “Monster.”

He’s still holding a grudge for having to prove to people that he was as good a rapper as he is a producer.

There might not be any cabs to take him home if he parties until 5am.

He can’t bring his money with him when he dies.

People think the Yeezus album sucked.

He wasn’t allowed to project his video for “New Slaves” on the side of the Alamo.

Jay Z did a song with Coldplay too.

He can’t get girl’s friends in the club, they will have to wait outside with his Benz.

Charlamagne doesn’t really like Yeezus, so now he has to fly him out to Paris to hear his next album.

“He’s the illest, he suffers from realness.”

When he wants fast food, he eats it alone.

He learned the hard way that he shouldn’t find love in the strip club.

He’s considering raising his daughter Republican so everyone knows she loves white people.

He’s banned from all telethons.

His girlfriend’s clothing line is sold at Sears.

Black women are still a little bit upset with him, leaving them for a white girl.

Cyhi Da Prince is “Lost In The World” with no release date in sight.

He asked his bitch for other bitches and there is no word on whether he ever got them.

He gets money and goes ignant’.

No one expects him at black tie events.

He had to apologize to Spike.

He has Twitter beef with Jimmy Kimmel.

Two living Presidents dissed him.

D. Rose is out for the season again.

He can’t hold his liquor.

He’s getting high off his own supply of beats.

People still think he’s a gay fish.

He had the verse of the year until Baby said “Stunt Nigga” on Drake’s “Language” track.


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