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It looks like Kanye West isn’t the only person that is not happy with high-designer brand, Louis Vuitton.

 Wednesday, Russia’s presidential administration ordered the removal of the massive designer bag from outside the renowned Kremlin after an outcry over its installation.

A Kremlin spokesperson said:

“The installation of this pavilion was not agreed with the administration,”

A spokesman for the country’s President, Vladimir Putin, clarified that a written order hadn’t been issued, but that the Kremlin was in favor of the suitcase’s removal because of “the problem with its sense of proportion.”

WSJ reports:

The structure, which first appeared nearly two weeks ago, shot to attention Tuesday when politicians questioned whether it was appropriate. One Communist Party leader said it denigrated a “sacred place,” and a government-sponsored civic group convened a hearing on the matter while proposing a law to protect Russia’s important monuments from exploitation.

But the French fashion house argued the suitcase had deep ties to Russian history as it is modeled after a trunk made for Tsarist-era Prince Wladimir Orloff, and features his monogram in large letters on the front and the Russian flag on its sides.


But on Wednesday, GUM said it had asked LV to take the case down as soon as possible after it received “mixed” public reaction

 “Given the reaction from the public and the fact that the pavilion exceeded the agreed upon and permissible dimensions, we informed Louis Vuitton that it needed to dismantled immediately,”

Damn… Is Louis Vuitton having the worst week ever?