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UPDATE 12/1/13 9:33 AM EST

NBC Connecticut is reporting that four people are being reported dead, with at least 48 injured after an alleged driver error. The train was also said to be just about 100 yards from its next stop.

Tragedy has struck passengers on a Metro-North train passing through the Bronx as four cars have fallen off the tracks.

According to ABC News, at 7:20 this morning, a train riding through Palisades Avenue and Independence Avenue went through a malfunction that resulted in four cars off the tracks and two actually tipped on their sides.

The train was set to head to Grand Central at 7:43 AM coming from Poughkeepsie around 5:54 AM.

There are currently rescue workers on the scene as multiple injuries are reported.

Stay tuned for updates of more details.

SOURCE: ABC News/NBC Connecticut | PHOTO CREDIT: squintysabre Instagram

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