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George Clooney’s good looks apparently have chameleon tendencies, because this man can look good in just about any setting. Even in head-to-toe polka dots on a polka-dotted magazine cover leaning on a polka dot car, in a pair of polka dot shoes…that takes a lot of good looks.

The habitual bachelor was tapped to be the cover star for the December/January issue of W magazine, also pegged as the ‘Artist Issue.’

In the editorial shot by Emma Summerton, Clooney is dressed in an Armani suit customized by Yayoi Kusama, the Japanese artist and writer who is known for her affinity of all polka dot scenes. The Clooney cover is monochromatically reminiscent of the Louis Vuitton advertisements Yayoi released when she teamed up with the luxury brand back in 2012. 

With awards season looming quietly around the bend, we’re sure to see a lot more of the silver-haired actor, whose space thriller, Gravity, is one of the most acclaimed films of 2013 and is expected to bring home major wins.

Check out the rest of the snaps below.

In the corresponding interview, Clooney talks about his amassed knowledge regarding Adolf Hitler’s affinity for art, working alone on Gravity, and who his movie crush is.

On working alone: 

I actually like working by myself. [Laughs.] Truthfully, I was constantly in motion. The trickiest part was learning to speak quickly and move 50 percent slower because you are in space. It was not fun in the machinery—I have a bad back and a bad neck, so that part was not fun. But you have to step back and look at my life. I’m lucky enough to get to work on these projects.

When you make a film like Gravity, you are a kind of muse for the director—in this case, Alfonso Cuarón. Similarly, in this project for W, you were a muse for five female artists. How did that feel?

[Laughs.] Yayoi Kusama depicted me covered in polka dots. She made me Snoopy! But I must say: I’m proud to be Snoopy! Ultimately, what I’m trying to do with a director—or, I guess, an artist—is to be of service to them and their story.

On his cinematic crush: 

When I was a kid, I was in love with Audrey Hepburn. I watched Roman Holiday when I was 11, and I thought she was as elegant as anything I’d ever seen. And I fell madly in love with her. I also always loved Grace Kelly. I mean, when she comes out of the water in To Catch a Thief, I thought, That’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

PHOTO CREDIT: Emma Summerton for W Magazine 

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