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By now, the entire world knows about Zoe Saldana tying the knot this summer with Italian artist Marco Perego, but she still wants to keep mum about it.

The Out Of The Furnace star sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, and although she didn’t go into detail about her nuptials, for the first time, she publicly confirmed that she is a married woman. Kimmel greeted the actress by acknowledging her secret wedding, but Saldana quickly responded, attempting to take herself out of the hot seat. She responded:

“I did [get married]….and congratulations to you, too. You got married.”

Kimmel jokingly responded, saying that it was not a marriage competition, then asked Zoe about where her June nuptials took place. She replied:

“I got married in England. I did it in England. Can you top that?”

Zoe may be staying hush about this relationship because of all the publicity she received from her high-profile coupling with her Words co-star Bradley Cooper.

Check out the video below: