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Just a week after Paul Walker‘s death, more details and information is coming forward from the tragic crash, as well as the aftermath.

It was reported that one of the Fast & Furious‘ childhood friends was one of the people trying to pull him out of the burning vehicle, and now more info is surfacing.

According to a source who spoke with the NY Daily News, Paul’s friend Newton Wimer tried to come to the rescue of Paul when he got to the burning car, but was restrained by authorities before he could’ve injured himself.

The source reveals:

“I think that’s a fair statement. They were like family — like brothers. It’s tough,” the source close to Walker’s racing team told The News. “They were childhood friends.”

“They were very close. He’s exactly the person I’d expect to go head first into the fire to pull them out,”

“He would have carried on if he hadn’t been restrained. In fact, it’s lucky he was, or he would have died too.”

While his family and friends are having a tough time dealing with Paul’s tragic death, his fans are trying their best to defend his honor.

In a new video posted by TMZ, fans caught two guys who were stealing pieces of the wrecked car from the crash site, as they all tried to stop them.

According to the site one of the suspects was immediately caught and taken into custody while the other is expected to turn himself in soon, as they already know who he is.

The site reports:

The men will most likely be charged with felony grand theft and tampering with evidence — and if convicted, they could both face some serious jail time.


We pray Paul Walker rest in peace.


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