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Things might just be heating up for Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles!

The new rumored couple have reunited in NYC this week, and they definitely weren’t able to get much privacy outside of the Ganservoort hotel.

Harry guided his lady Kendall out of the hotel in SoHo through a crazy mob of fans who were waiting for the One Direction singer.

The two tried their best to keep things low key, but were caught as they came out of the main entrance of the hotel. They ended up trying to sneak out the back of a different hotel later on.

Most girls might not be too happy to deal with all of that chaos, but Kendall looked pretty calm and collected. After all, she does have fans of her own!

Despite the fact that Harry was trying to move away from the mob scene, he was nice enough to take a picture with tons of fans.

Eventually she made her way into their car and looked at the chaos while Harry showed some love to his fans before leaving.

It looks like it’s going to be a crazy road if these two have a relationship, but they do seem pretty happy!

Check out their journey through the mob in the video below.