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One of the perks of being a celebrity: freebies. One of the many perks of being Rihanna: Many free things, all the time, from the best designers with personal hand-written notes attached. Yep, she is pretty major.

Last night, Rihanna took on the oh-so-daunting task of sorting through all of her holiday freebies sent in from designer brands like Opening Ceremony, Versace, Rodarte and more. To expedite her thank-yous (because emails are too personal for a humble brag of this magnitude), Rihanna used her Instagram influence to send thanks to the brands by uploading photos of her goodies.

Of course, the comments sections were ablaze with people who don’t understand why brands send free things to people who have it all, for that we have the answer: Influence. Looks like North West has a bit of competition. 

Check out some of Rihanna’s hauls that include a neon green leather moto jacket, a jeweled Rodarte bandeau and other things that make you want to be Rihanna just for a day.


Rihanna’s Holiday Designer Haul (PHOTOS)
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