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Beyonce just shocked the internets and released a new album. 14 songs + 17 videos.

Without any announcement, any advertisement, any marketing, any nothing, Beyonce just dropped her new album. Like that, out of the blue…and yes, Blue Ivy is on the album!

Contributions include: Justin Timberlake, Kelly Rowland, Drake, Frank Ocean, Pharrell, Timbaland, Hit-Boy, Key Wane, Detail, Michelle Williams, Sampha, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy.

Beyonce also released a short video on her FB page introducing the album. Click here to watch the video.

She is calling this a “visual album,” so as part of the package, you get all 14 songs and all 17 videos that accompany each song. Beyonce definitely just raised the bar for any other artist to release an album. King Bey has just dropped the mic.

Hope you enjoy the new joint from Bey…

Click here to get the album immediately!

Beyoncé – Beyoncé (Tracklisting):

1. “Pretty Hurts”

2. “Haunted”

3. “Drunk in Love” feat. Jay Z

4. “Blow”

5. “No Angel”

6. “Partition”

7. “Jealous”

8. “Rocket”

9. “Mine” feat. Drake

10. “XO”

11. “***Flawless” feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

12. “Superpower” feat. Frank Ocean

13. “Heaven”

14. “Blue” feat. Blue Ivy

15. “Pretty Hurts” [Video]

16. “Ghost” [Video]

17. “Haunted” [Video]

18. “Drunk in Love” feat. Jay Z [Video]

19. “Blow” [Video]

20. “No Angel” [Video]

21. “Yoncé” [Video]

22. “Partition” [Video]

23. “Jealous” [Video]

24. “Rocket” [Video]

25. “Mine” feat. Drake [Video]

26. “XO” [Video]

27. “***Flawless” feat. Chimamanda [Video]

28. “Superpower” feat. Frank Ocean [Video]

29. “Heaven” [Video]

30. “Blue” feat. Blue Ivy [Video]

31. “Grown Woman” [Bonus Video]

Beyonce also released 30 second previews of each video. Enjoy the previews: