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Beyonce, why must you be so damn good at everything?

Last night, while most of the East Coast was in a REM state of sleep, Beyonce made one of the most epic moments in music this year: She dropped a full album in silence with no promo, no teaser and no press. THAT is confidence in her star power.

The album features 17 videos, which means a whole lot of new Beyonce fashion to gawk over, but one video in particular that stood out as iconic was Bey’s casting in her video for “Yonce,” which is apparently what she’s going by these days (R.I.P Sasha Fierce). Bey pulled out the big guns as she tapped the top of the top of Black and Latina models in the industry.

As if Mrs. Carter’s hotness wasn’t enough, she brought Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls and Jourdan Dunn in for the party in “Yonce” and followed up by tapping the first male Albino model, Shaun Ross, to be her pseudo casting director in “Pretty Hurts.”

Check out the girls looking FLAWLESS in this “Yonce” snippet above and Shaun’s cameo as he snatches Bey’s tiny waist below.

Chanel Iman shared a snap of herself on set:

And Jourdan Dunn celebrated all this badness with one photo:

Beyonce is also rocking a Phillip Lim 3.1 peplum leopard jacket in the video. Take a closer look at it below.


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