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Comedy-rap duo Eric and Jeff Rosenthal (aka It’s The Real) stopped by the No Judgment Zone this week to talk about their upcoming mixtape Urbane Outfitters 2, and their first rap beef.

Eric and Jeff aren’t exactly newcomers to the rap game. They’ve been producing hip-pop sketch comedy for nearly six years now and recently ventured into the world of comedy-rap with their first mixtape Urbane Outfitters. After the tape’s success, they’ve decided to give it another go. This time, they’re promising more features and an even more epic end product.

The comedic duo assures our host BlogXilla that they’ve changed since their first project; Eric and Jeff say their egos, as well as their entourage, have grown and, well, they know what they’re doing now.

While the Rosenthals’ comedy is all in good fun, not everyone’s a good sport. According to It’s The Real, their jokes have gotten them in trouble before.

Listen to them recount the time they almost got jumped and more in the video above!

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