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It looks like the sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela‘s memorial really was a fake.

Thamsanqa Jantjie caused a lot of controversy after it was discovered that he was faking his way through the memorial…but what exactly was he signing?

Jimmy Kimmel decided to investigate the situation on his show, as he had a sign language interpreter watch the videos and let the audience know just what was being said by Jantjie during the ceremonies.

Apparently, Jantjie was doing some words of sign language, but it was complete gibberish as to what was actually being said in the speeches.

Sentences were incomplete, and random words were added or even repeated as Jantjie went through the speeches in translation mode.

The fake interpreter is under fire for what he’s done, but continues to defend himself. He recently told a radio show:

“I think that I’ve been a champion of sign language,” he told a local radio station yesterday. “I’ve interpreted at many big events…if I was interpreting wrong why should it become an issue now?”

This whole thing is a complete mess.

SOURCE: Youtube

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