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We know Kim Fields best as Tootie from The Facts of Life and Regine from Living Single, but now the mom and wife to Christopher Morgan is revamping her acting chops with Holiday Love: The Rebirth and trust us, you want a dose of this.

The star recently sat down with GlobalGrind and talked all about being pregnant with her second son Quincy Xavier while she and her hubby filmed the fourth installment of the Holiday Love series, which if you ask us, has a hilarious plot.

The Rebirth is a one-hour special that “centers on an unscrupulous reality show producer who casts pregnant celebrities in hopes of having one of them deliver on Christmas day so that he/she can play Baby Jesus at a live, mega pay-per-view, all-star nativity themed concert.”

In between talking about the show, and how the storyline was created, Kim, 44, also gave away her secret as to how you can get your man to put a ring on it, the issue she has with “reality” TV in real life, and more. Check out the interview below, as well as @HolidayLoveTV on Twitter to catch up with The Rebirth. 

GlobalGrind: Has motherhood come naturally to you?

Kim Fields: I was always very maternal with my friends. I wasn’t the kind of little girl that played with dolls and pretended I was the mommy. I wasn’t that child, so when I say I was always maternal, I don’t mean in that sense – but I’ve always been a nurturer. I think that, that’s in my spirit, if you will. I think that’s a huge component to motherhood and parenting. I think that helped tremendously to make it so very natural. And then completely relying on God, ‘Hey Lord, whatever I don’t know, reveal it to me or put someone in my path who does know.’

Tell us about your online TV station and why it was so important to go that route rather than deal with cable TV again.

Technology is it. You can’t even say it’s the future anymore because it’s now and it’s having such a tremendous impact in all areas, most especially the entertainment industry and how we get our entertainment as the viewing audience. So to be able to be a part of getting content or providing content in this way, we were really excited about it. You are able to have more control, you’re able to cast your net as wide as possible in terms of reaching your audience. Everybody has the internet, everywhere. Nowadays, you can almost rub two sticks together and not get fire, but get the internet! (Laughs). It’s so accessible and now we’re finally finding ways to not only monetize, but quantify how your content is impacting your audience or how your audience is impacting your content.

Do you struggle with giving away too much of your personal life on the internet or with having your kids view online content?

No, not yet, I don’t struggle with that because there are so many great ways that you can control how your kids access information and content on the internet. Even in school nowadays they actually teach internet safety just like they teach how to cross the street looking both ways first. So, I don’t really have that as an issue for me right now. As a celebrity, again it’s not anything that I struggle with, because at the end of the day you determine if you’re tweeting ‘Oh, I’m at this Starbucks’ or ‘Oh, I’m tweeting from this supermarket.’ Boo, no! You’re just asking for somebody to roll up on you, crazy. Don’t do that. So I think some of it is just common sense and not to belittle or make light of anybody who has had real issues with this, but that’s just not been my testimony. That’s not my experience and right now, I thank God for that. I think having that acute awareness about what you’re sharing is important.

I think my issues with the internet surround people who become “overnight celebrities.” It’s like, really? You put something on YouTube and they Auto-Tuned it and now you’re a star, and you have a TV show, and you have a record deal. Those are my internet issues! It’s allowed a lack of quality, because there’s no gatekeeper and we’re a society that just wants to eat up everything.

You’ve said in previous interviews that everything was fine when you worked with your husband on set for Holiday Love: The Rebirth while 7-months pregnant. Really? If so, that’s a miracle in itself.

Directing, executive producing, starring… I have a comfort zone with those things. Certainly working with my husband, he and I have our language that we speak. The nice thing about it is Chris is very in tune with how he can be a helper. We’re partners and we do what we can to nurture that part of our marriage when we’re working together. Aside from that, my pregnancy was a dream pregnancy from the standpoint of once again, I had a very healthy pregnancy, praise God. Very easy going. My feet didn’t swell until like 3 weeks before Quincy was born and Quincy was quite the trooper, letting mommy get her work done. It’s not a false report or a rumor that everything was groovy – everything truly was groovy.

How did you guys come up with the plot for Holiday Love: The Rebirth?

That’s my husband. When we did the announcement that we were pregnant, the announcement went viral and we were trending #1 for three days. It just went crazy and I didn’t expect that at all! My husband was like ‘Babe, you’re Kim Fields. What did you think was going to happen?’ (Laughs).

So Chris said we have to start thinking about Holiday Love for this year, what if we do this, and really just embrace the pregnancy during the Holiday season, since Quincy will be born right at the top of December? So he came up with the idea of this fictitious reality show and our producing partner Bryan, the three of us just kind of developed the idea from there and just kept having fun with it.

Do you watch any reality TV?

No, I do not! I can’t even take most of the promos for reality TV.

A lot of it comes off as very misogynistic. 

Absolutely, but that’s their fault. I understand that, but after a while, if they didn’t have those women to film acting like that, then there would be nobody in front of the camera. So people can say what they want but at the same time, no crazy, you’re the one that allowed that to happen.

Do you have any tips for people who are trying to get their man to put a ring on it?

You know what? Stay prayerful. The timing needs to be God’s timing, because a lot of times we rush into stuff and it’s like, if you had waited and let God do what he does, half your grief would not exist right now. But oftentimes we get in our own way because we want something and not only do we want it, but we are so specific with when we want it, how we want it, what it’s supposed to look like, all of that. Sometimes it’s just like ‘Aye! Go sit back in the passenger seat where you belong. You’re not driving this. Just enjoy the journey.’

Holiday Love: The Rebirth airs Christmas Day on TV One.