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Karrueche stopped by the No Judgment Zone with BlogXilla to tell her real story and we found out she’s more than just a girlfriend.

During the segment we found out just what happened with The Kill launch and Karrueche explains that she had to find out that she didn’t have all the answers to launching a clothing line. She also talks about how all the hate makes her stronger and in the process of this episode we discover her complete love Beyonce!

Here are some excerpts:

On the Haters:

It’s kind of hard and annoying because these people just say whatever they want. Anything I do they are like you couldn’t launch your line you’re a dumb b! You’re whack. Just stupid stuff that’s just like you can’t even spell my name or say my name first of all.

I try my best to ignore it and look on the positive side because at the end of the day, they don’t know who I am and they are judging me based off of their own opinion so I just stay on the positive side.

On Her Relationship With Chris Brown:

It’s different and it’s something that a lot of people won’t and will never understand, which is why I get so much flack and hate because looking from the outside in it looks messy. Nobody knows the real story and nobody knows what I went through.

On Her Body:

I’ve honestly, I am going to be completely honest because that’s how I am, I considered getting a boob job, but I don’t think I am going to it’s not really my thing. I would love to something there but probably not.

On Finding herself:

“I’ve discovered myself a little more, personality wise just being put through certain situations, whether being in the spotlight, heartbreak, friends coming and going, family. I’ve grown and I’ve matured and I kind of like that. Even going back to the haters, it’s messed up what they say but that’s made me stronger and it’s built me into who I am today and I am completely fine with that.”

On Dealing With Heartbreak on Social Media:

“Sometimes I hold back from tweeting certain things. Sometimes you’re emotional and you want to tweet a lyric or whatever it maybe, I can’t do that because if I do it’s ‘oh this means this and that and she must be going through this…’ It’s like what the hell.”

On Beyonce’s New Album:

Drunk In Love that gets me in the mood. The turn up mood. I love Beyonce when her album came out I was eating sushi and I was on twitter and I see all these tweets like Beyonce released an album and I was like gasp! We have to leave right now I have to listen to this album right now. I downloaded it right that second.”

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