Normally, this is the time of year where we sit back and make lists of all the stunning best dressed men whom have walked the red carpets, sidewalks, and all over our hearts (we’re looking at you, Ryan Gosling) and rank them in disputable order based on their ability to be fashionable. The results always vary from year to year; some men have more public appearances than others, and some simply take the Scott Disick route and fall into the dad uniform of facial scruff and jeans, not that we are complaining. But there is always one constant when it comes to well dressed men: Suits.

When Jay Z and Justin Timberlake collaborated on the catchy “Suit & Tie” track that dominated the airwaves and Instagram photo captions to the point of annoyance, we knew they were on to something: the best dressed man is always the man in the suit. For that reason, and because looking at men in suits is right up there in equivalence with looking at men shirtless, we decided to bring you the 13 men of 2013 who rocked suits like nobody’s business (but ours, of course).

So in celebration of the new tailored grade of sexy, we bring to you, in no particular order, the 13 men who wore suits the best in 2013. Let the lusting commence.

David Beckham:

Retirement from the soccer field only meant one thing for this sexy Brit: Time. More time in his underwear and more time being spiffy in a suit. We openly embrace both.

Idris Elba:

When God made the suit, he made Elba in its image…or something to that holy effect. Basically what we are trying to say here is that this man is Adonis in a suit  – every. single. time.

Victor Cruz:

Football players are accustomed to being suited up, in pads and cups and helmets, but when it comes to taking the fashion off the field, New York Giant Victor Cruz is the man with the salsa dancing plan. Thanks to the fine folk at Thomas Faison, some damn good tailors and his mega-watt smile, Mr. Cruz is always ready for his close up.

Liam Hemsworth:

Liam quite literally comes in like a wrecking ball every single time he has a movie to promote. When he isn’t on the road for The Hunger Games trilogy, he’s comfortable in his Cali style of t-shirts and jeans. But when it’s time to put the dazzle on, he is a man after our own hearts.

Robert Pattinson:

Above all the suits and their impeccable styling, we’re smitten with the fact that R.Pattz just cleans up, shows up, and seems to not understand how hot he looks in these amazing suits.

Bradley Cooper:

He’s come a long way from being Carrie Bradshaw’s almost one night stand, but he may have picked up some tips from the gals on Sex and The City, because Bradley knows about mixing textures, pairing coats, and opting for something other than a traditional high-shine suit shoe every once in a while. Oh, and those baby blue eyes will make any color pop.

Justin Timberlake:

The originator of the “Suit And Tie” himself has come a long way from denim suits and tilted fedoras. This year, Justin had a comeback in a major way with a sleek ‘do and a side part to boot. The best part about his new style? He knows when to switch up that suit and tie for a pair of retro Jordans and jeans.

Jay Z:

From murder to well-tailored excellence, June Ambrose has done a dazzling job at keeping Mr. Carter dressed in his best for high-profile events. While the Brooklyn native is more of a jeans and T-shirt guy on a regular day, his tall slender frame fills those Tom Ford suits to the levels of perfection needed to show up with Beyonce on your arm.

Amar’e Stoudemire:

First, let’s all just take into consideration that this consistently well-dressed man is 6’11”, so finding apparel to fit his frame is trouble enough. But not only has stylist Rachel Johnson been able to consistently keep his ‘fit correct, she finds enough flexibility in the details to ensure that no two looks are ever similar for the New York Knick.

Michael B. Jordan:

MJ may have it on the courts, but this dapper fellow blows out the baller’s dimly lit fashion flame when it comes to the style department. After enjoying the fruits of a breakout year from his performance in Fruitvale Station, Michael B. Jordan swiftly snatched the top places on a bevy of best dressed lists. Why? The suit, the tie and the smile.

Johannes Huebl:

Charming dimples aside, Johannes is a model who has personal style when not being snapped by the cameras for work. Boyfriend to NYC socialite, and one of our best dressed women Olivia Palermo, Johannes’ suit game compliments her dazzling sense of style, making them a picture-perfect couple who most likely share a tailor.

Jared Leto:

Jared is more of a t-shirt and all black kind of guy, but when he finds the departure from his beautifully perfected grunge, even just for a night, the outcome is a thing to marvel at. Who else can pull off shoes as shiny as their hair?

Ryan Gosling:

While we have missed him on the red carpet in the latter part of 2013 due to a self-induced hiatus, Ryan Gosling is always a visual pleasure. With heavy promotional rounds at the top of the year, we got to see Ryan rock everything from traditional suits to velvet numbers like this one, and we never uttered a single complaint.

Who are some of your favorite men in suits? Check out our list of best dressed women of 2013 right here.


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