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Looks like Yeezus is leaving his rants behind in 2013, because in 2014 he’s vowed to chill out.

While performing in Toronto, Kanye made the official announcement during his stream of consciousness.

 “I decided to completely focus everything in 2014 on all the new ideas and all the creative outlets.”

During his rant,  the “Bound 2” rapper said he wasn’t going to speak negatively for “six months at least” and declared he was never going to “bring up” Nike again. Well, sort of. 

“I’m not [going to] ever bring up Nike again. And the only way I’ll bring them up is in a positive light. Because I actually appreciate the opportunity to have been able to make my own shoe with them, and if I didn’t have the opportunity I wouldn’t have my deal I have with Adidas right now. I just really feel like I want to be expressive with my work, with my music. I want to be expressive with this opportunity I have with Adidas, and just go home to my family.”

Do you believe Ye’s latest declaration? 2014 may be the year of a quiet Yeezus. Watch Kanye’s stream of consciousness below.

SOURCE: HuffingtonPost | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash

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