I am not writing this to inform the masses about what happens when one does not effectively plan for a New Year’s Eve outfit, we all know what happens. I am writing this to serve as a reminder as to why you should probably get your outfit together for the holiday this weekend, because there is still a chance you’ll get that beautiful sequined romper you’ve been eyeing with the perfect shoe to match and forgo all the dramatics that come with choosing an outfit to step into the 2014 with.

But incase you wanted to gamble with your luck, we’ve brought you the step-by-step agony that comes with choosing a last-minute outfit for the holiday.

First, you conceive a visual of what it is you want to wear, and you’re wildly optimistic about finding it, so like why even worry, you know you’ll be fly.

You procrastinate because you’re sure there is something in your closet that will do. Stressing about NYE outfits? Pshht.

Then, you check your closet, because you’re cool so there has to be something cool in there, right?

Then, you try on everything in your closet…

Realize that nothing fits as it should because all you did since Thanksgiving was this:

Shit. Now you accept defeat and hit the mall in a frenzy.

You sprint through every store and every fitting room like a rabid ninja on the move…wait, not “like” you are a ninja, a ninja of style on a mission.

You find something, not what you wanted, but it will do. But now, OMG do you have shoes to go with this?

Mad dash for shoes.

Phew, finally home. Now, get dressed, hate it all, and end up wearing something from your closet anyway.

Meanwhile your boyfriend got ready without any thought and he’s already at the party like:

Your friends are waiting for you in the car, and they’re blowing up your phone like:

But what does it all matter? Within 5 minutes of midnight, this is what happens to your outfit:

And you spend the rest of the night like, what was I even worried about!

Happy New Year!

All gifs courtesy of Giphy

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