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Can you believe that 2014 is just a day away?!

2013 has definitely been great to us over here at Global Grind. We enjoyed sharing all of the years most unforgettable and important moments with you; including Terio having the whole world screaming “Ooohhhhh, kill ’em.”

We were fortunate enough to talk with some of the greatest celebrities, share breaking news stories, and inspire lifestyle trends to live by. This year, we learned what some politicians do behind closed doors, why Kanye West is always in rant mode, and how your side chick could be turned into your wife (thanks Corey Gunz).

We hit the streetz with Mashonda as she gave us a glimpse to living the ultimate life, and we chilled in the no judgement zone with Bloxilla as he got personal with everyone from Mark Walberg to Karruche Tran. We discovered the latest on the fashion scene and the hottest music artist up next. We even got to show you the immense turn up from all of the hottest concerts of the year, including Jay Z’s Made In America Festival.

We’re grateful to have shared these moments with you and thanks for all of your comments and feedback!

Check out the Global Grind 2013 Year End Review in the video above.

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