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Move over, Bloomberg, there is a new First Family in New York City, and the package comes with a darling eccentric daughter also known as Chiara de Blasio.

The daughter of Bill de Blasio, who is set to be sworn in as mayor January 1st by Bill Clinton, 19 year old Chiara is sure to be stealing the spotlight. The college sophomore was pegged by Teen Vogue for a feature in their February issue profiling the beauty about her own social justice agendas, her personal style and what her plans are now that her dad is going to be the Mayor of NYC.

Check out some snaps and snippets from the interview below.

On her video in which she admits to drug and alcohol use in the past:

“It’s part of my temperament to be very straightforward, very blunt, very honest… My parents always stressed communication as a really important part of any relationship. When I was younger, I didn’t want to tell them everything—I have my teenage secrets—but they taught me that honesty is the best policy in any situation.”

On why she isn’t on Twitter: 

“I think technology in general has brought a lot of positive things, but it’s preventing people from really being in the moment, living the lives they would otherwise be living… It’s good when it’s utilized well. Obviously a lot of social justice issues have gotten more attention because of social media!”

On her move back to NYC: 

 “I’d like to return to New York City. Obviously with my dad being mayor, it’s kind of something I want to be around for! I love California, but I think here is where I could potentially have the most impact.”

On her hopes for her father’s mayorship:

“He’s interested in changing things in a big way, rather than focusing in on narrow little issues. You can treat the symptoms or you can treat the actual problem, and my dad’s treating the actual problems. As he says, New York City is a place where everybody should be able to have a chance. I think once we make changes, a lot of places will follow because other cities look to New York as a leader. This could have a huge impact on American society overall if done right.”

And then she closed it all off with one last quote that just sealed her in as one of our favorite 19-year-old gals of all time when she said:

“I think it’s really cool how there’s a new wave of teen feminism. Women really need to focus more of their energy on building each other up instead of competing with one another. It’s such a huge problem. And I’ve definitely noticed a lot more people identifying as feminists—a feminist doesn’t have to be any particular kind of person! You can officially count me in on that movement. I’m definitely there.”

Boom. Take that from a teenager.

SOURCE: Teen Vogue

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