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Yep, that’s pretty much the reaction when you find some gross shit in a place where it does not belong.

Like your insects in your food. Or horse meat in your ground beef. And even a snake in your couch. And yep, it makes our skin crawl too. But it happens more than you think…

Like that time someone found…

Weed In A Burger:

Back in December, one Wendy’s restaurant in Georgia gave a new meaning to “burger joint” when a customer found a half smoked joint in her sandwich. Turns out an employee was smoking on the job and conveniently “misplaced” the blunt inside the burger. She was arrested and fired after the customer brought the marijuana laced edible to the attention of police.

A Razor In A Donut:

December 2013 was the month of finding shit where it didn’t belong and this Dunkin’ Donuts customer was no exception. Priscilla Sala of Connecticut bit into a croissant she purchased and felt something sharp cut her mouth. After further inspection, she discovered the metal shards (some up to a quarter long) came from a box cutter. Dunkin’ Donuts corporate office said it probably came from the distribution center. And by the way, Salas’ mouth is fine.

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