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An interracial couple is completely outraged after they received a valet ticket while leaving a popular restaurant that had a racist remark.

According to WSBTV, U.S. Army Sgt Major Samuel Aarons and his wife Candea were highly offended when they found their ticket had “jungle fever” written on it.

Candea said of the matter:

‘We have never been so blatantly described in such a blatantly appalling manner ever,’

“We had no idea that the valet was looking at us or thinking of us in such a manner.”

“I was unaware, I was unprepared and I was unaware racism is alive and well.”

A chef of the restaurant that is being held responsible for the valet’s actions revealed that the man who gave them the ticket works for a contractor.

He told the site:

“Spondivits does not tolerate racial speech of any kind.”

The owner of the company said “the valet in question is no long working with APS. APS does not tolerate racism of any kind whatsoever.”



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