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How adorable is baby Sebastian! Seriously.

Proud mom Amber Rose was apprehensive about posting pics of her son Sebastian when she first gave birth, but now that she’s more comfortable with showing his face to the world, we get to see a lot more of the little cutie.

Just in time for the holidays, Rose posted the above pic of baby Sebastian playing with his diaper box with the caption,

“All the toys Santa got my boy and He wants to play with a diaper box Lol #kids 😍”

Rap star dad Wiz Khalifa couldn’t resist posted a pic of his chubby cheeked baby boy either. He posted this pic on his Instagram of little Sebastian sound asleep in his arm, with the caption,

“Big ol lips like his daddy”

Can you believe baby Sebastian is almost a year old! Wow, time flies when you’re a celebrity kid.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Wenn

A Collection Of Pictures Of Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa’s Son Sebastian “The Bash” (PHOTOS)
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