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This has been a tough week for Fresh Prince Of Bel Air fans, and co-stars. The death of James Avery, aka Uncle Phil, has left everyone shaken.

As we previously reported, the actor passed away of December 31, due to complications he suffered after recent open-heart surgery. Since his death, his Fresh Prince co-stars have been all over the internet expressing their grief.

The latest grief stricken co-star to speak openly about Avery’s death is Tatyana Ali, who played Avery’s youngest daughter Ashley Banks. Ali took her Twitter to vent about her former co-star. She tweeted,

She posted the candids above of her, Avery, and a few other cast members behind the scenes of the Fresh Prince.

She went on to Tweet her love for Avery with quotes from A Poem Of Friendship By Nikki Giovanni. She wrote,

We wish James Avery’s family and friends peace and love.