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Carmelo & LaLa make it hard not to hate on them.

In these frigid temperatures they instantly warmed up our Wednesday afternoon with a flawless Ebony magazine cover, and with their chemistry jumping off the page, they also reminded us that we’d love to have a relationship like theirs.

They’ve had their ups and downs – like any couple – but they stick together. What’s even more admirable is Melo will do anything necessary for her (remember the “Honey Nut Cheerios” incident?) and to top it all off, they’re definitely one another’s biggest fans.

Take this, for example. Just three weeks ago, LaLa hushed her hubby’s haters with this uber sweet message on Instagram:

“Late night thoughts: There are so many things I admire about my husband @carmeloanthony. Thru the good, thru the bad, he always stays positive, focused, humble, and truly has a work ethic like no other. Sometimes I wish people really knew. Everyone has something to say no matter what he does. It’s so easy to point the finger especially on the outside looking in. All good, I know it comes with the territory and he’s built for it. If your a real fan, ride with us. If not, no love lost. I watch him play his heart out every single game regardless of the outcome. I love you Mel. Got your back forever. Goodnight. xoxo”

We’ve gathered 27 times the beautiful LaLa and her sexy hubby made us go “aww” because, well, we could all stand to witness some lovin’ from a lovely couple on this cold, cold winter day.


27 Times LaLa & Melo Made Us Go “Awwww”
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